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We use technology to its greatest utmost benefit. To us it is a vital tool to improve efficiency & clarity of our projects, and not another escalating time & cost overhead as it is to many businesses.

Our main Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) station displays to four 19” monitors & one 24” main screen monitor, click here for an example.

This provides us with a total drawing area 2.2metres x 0.32metres to help maintain the speed of the drawing & design process. From the days when a draughtsman would have an A0 (1220mm x 840mm) drawing board and be able to see in detail at a glance the whole design, how on earth can the same swiftness of vision be applied when working on a single monitor as many Architects do at the moment? An example once give to me was “you wouldn’t decorate your hallway by working through your letterbox!”

As the latest IT equipment is costly, we concentrate our expenditure on one high powered CAD PC, assembled from proven high spec components with additional graphics capability which would alone cost the same as a budget laptop of today.

This keeps the swiftness of the CAD process to a maximum, screen regenerations happen instantly, drawings are saved automatically every 15 minutes without screen freezing & remote system backups occur when ever the PC file structure is appended or amended giving files ultimate integrity throughout the drawing process. Coupled with an UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), we at Acre Survey & Design Ltd have never lost a clients drawing through system breakdowns or failures.

(Note: maximum unprotected drawing time = 14 mins 59secs)

Our In-House Site Survey Equipment:-

  • Leica TCR407 Total Station Theodolite
  • Spectra Precision Rotating Laser Level & Infra Red Staff
  • Disto Classic Linear Handheld Laser Measurer
  • Tajima Incline Measurer
  • Canon G9 12.1 Megapixel Camera, wide angle lens & 6x optical zoom
  • Petrol Strimmer & Hedge Cutter – For any site clearance prior to surveying

We use handheld lasers to measure linear distances over traditional metal tapes. The laser measures the straight line, no bowing, no poor registration to the measured face and no operator error in reading of tape. At present we can laser measure two internal floor layouts & four elevations of a typical housing estate house in under 3 hours.

Office Equipment:-

  • CAD PC Pentium Quad Core 9.6Ghz, 8mb System RAM, 1Gb Graphics RAM 3 x Viewsonic TFT 19” Monitors
  • Back up CAD PC Pentium 3.2Ghz, 1Gb System RAM, 128Mb Graphics RAM 1 x Video Seven TFT 22” Wide Screen Monitor + 1 x Viewsonic TFT 19” Monitor
  • Survey Data Processor - Cube PC 1.2Ghz 1 x AOC TFT 19” Monitor
  • Hewlett Packard HP500 Vacuum Bed A1 Colour Printer
  • Canon MP730 A4 Photo/Scanner/Printer/Fax


At Acre Survey & Design Ltd our primary aim is to achieve our clientele project targets by working closely with our clients, providing day, evening & weekend contact. We will advise on the most lucrative & stylish designs, together with the most viable build methods & materials, all of this being combined on drawings to appease the Planning System & increase the financial & visual success of the project. We strive to make our clients happy, offering quality workmanship at sensible prices.

Understandably, a major element of our clientele is derived from repeat commissions, so Acre Survey & Design Ltd is already recognized for delivering & maintaining a good service.


Managing Director/Finance
Mr. John Wakelin

Consultant, Designer &
Field Surveyor

(Company Secretary)
Mr. Michael Bishop

Field Surveyor & Administrator

Mrs. Grace Bishop